Here’s what people are saying about Nicole Maxali and her work:


"Nicole's show was funny, heartfelt and then funny again. I’ve never seen a one person show done like that before. It’s an adventure!"

- Dave Chappelle, Comic


“Nicole Maxali is an exciting and gifted young solo performer. She has an exceptional eagerness and adeptness in tackling subjects like spirituality, dysfunctional upbringing and sexuality. Her light touch and quick wit give her a unique handle on difficult material.”

- W. Kamau Bell, Comic, Solo Performer & Host of "Totally Biased" on FX


“Nicole Maxali is fantastic. I loved the moments where the emotion took over and there were no words. The audience was laughing and crying with her. Bravo Nicole!!!”

- Ann Randolph, Writer & Solo Performer


"Nicole Maxali is a talented and engaging writer-performer with charm and charisma to spare. Forgetting the Detailsis a wonderfully told, big-hearted, well-crafted story delivered with humor and grace. Nicole’s a star."

- Tommy "Reverend Nuge" Nugent, Author, Solo Performer & Motivational Speaker


"Without question, Nicole's show is funny and entertaining, but what really gets you is the fascinating and heartfelt exploration of a family struggling to hold itself together as illness works to slowly pull it apart."

- Martin Dockery, Playwright, Performer & Monologist


"Nicole Maxali has an uncanny ability to address such heartrending issues like Alzheimer's disease and death with both biting honesty and surprising levity.  Her story is intricately crafted; her characters are impeccably performed; and her show is refreshing and hilarious!"  

Thao P. Nguyen, Solo Performer


“Nicole Maxali is a seasoned performer and good at it. She did an excellent job in a short amount of time. She also interacts well with the audience. When she performed I Heart Lola, I laughed and it was touching. I wanted it to continue to learn more about her grandma so 4 stars for this one.”

- J, GoldStar Reviewer


“I was moved and impressed. I’ve worked with the Alzheimer’s Association for 25 years and witness a remarkable number of personal accounts of the impact of Alzheimer’s, but Nicole’s show got my attention as few do. It stands out as poignant, sometimes funny and offering a unique glimpse at how the (Alzheimer's) condition crosses ethnicity and age in its impact.”

- William H. Fisher, CEO of the Alzheimer's Association, Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter


“It never ceases to amaze me how relentlessly, impressively positive Nicole is: she takes challenges and transforms them into learning experiences, and then shares her learning with others. I was lucky enough to catch an early version of Nicole’s project Identification Please. She has that magic combination: earnestness, charm, humor, great work ethic and energy, a positive attitude and utter professionalism.”

- Jenifer K. Wofford, International Visual & Performance Artist


“Nicole has enthralled audiences with her piece Identification Pleaseduring Bindlestiff Studio’s Single Shots solo performance showcase, a piece she has since been invited to perform in several venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of her relentless energy, professionalism and respect for her craft, she has been a motivating influence to many of our local theater artists.”

- Allan Manalo, Artistic Director, Bindlestiff Studio


“In addition to her talents, Nicole Maxali is also very level headed and organized. This is refreshing in the world of artists who many times get distracted and sidetracked with their work. She is one artist that does not squander her time, but will truly commit to her craft to progress her work.”

- Gayle Romasanta, Playwright & Former Artistic Director of Bindlestiff Studio


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