NEW YORK Reviews for Nicole Maxali's "Forgetting the Details"

"Nicole Maxali, the writer and performer of Forgetting the Details,  bounds on stage with such contagious enthusiasm and vivacity that I felt compelled to hang on to her every word. Humor seems to be a large part of Maxali’s DNA...the elements of the Filipino heritage that color their lives, gives the show its own distinctive flavor. It  makes for an exceptionally endearing solo show entry for the New York International Fringe Festival.  She had me genuinely caring about some people I hadn’t even known existed some 75 minutes earlier. Now, that’s theater!"
- Ron Cohen, NY Theater Now


"I finally saw someone take control over the experiences I had growing up, and orchestrate the emotions I felt so that the general public could relate to such experiences, not through some exploitative Disney World lens, but through the perspective of an Asian American...The show vocalizes the stories so many Asian Americans have been waiting to share. In particular, for Filipino Americans, Nicole demonstrates that there’s more to a race than stereotypes. Not all Filipino Americans are nurses, or marry within their race. And without a doubt, Nicole makes it clear Filipino Americans are more than capable of being extremely talented actors and actresses."
- Rufio Rouge,

"...we also leave the theater nourished by Maxali’s dazzingly honest performance. She serves up a perfect blend of comedy and tragedy with a dash of some unique charm — all lovingly brought together the same way her own Lola would in the kitchen. The end result is a pot-belly full of laughter, tears and a heart full of warmth, all of which will make you want to dig up those old photo albums and hug your own Lola."
- Jessica Taghap,

"None other than Dave Chappelle — a genuine comedic genius — has declared Filipina-American character actress Nicole Maxali’s “Forgetting The Details” to be “funny, heart-warming and funny again.” The funny part comes from Maxali’s ability to add fresh ingredients to a familiar solo show recipe (the old family conflict and ethnic heritage routine). The heart-warming part comes from her witty and rambunctious grandmother’s slow slide into an Alzheimer’s haze..."
- Scott Stiffler, The NYC Villager

"It taps into the human condition itself. What begins as a lens on "lola" and her disease flowers into something much richer and profound. This is a portrait, not only of an American-Filipino family in crisis, but of an authentic artist. This piece, as directed by Paul Stein (of Comedy Central Stage fame) is one solo show that can't be pigeonholed as narcissistic, let alone a vanity production. Maxali's Forgetting the Details will surely put her on the New York theater map."
- Deidre Donovan, Curtain Up!

San Francisco Reviews for Nicole Maxali's "Forgetting the Details"

“She walked us through her story with a gentle hand, never losing control of the audience or her own presence. Her use of movement and sound to switch back and forth between characters during some of the fast paced dialog was extremely well done, making this some of the best story-telling I have ever seen.”
- Bruce Reyes-Chow, SFGate "City Bright" Blogger

"The writing is certainly first rate. There's so much flavor in her words that you can almost taste the richness of that ice cream or Pilipino delicacies like pansit or adobo. Maxali's performance is certainly of high quality... When describing the women in her piece, she was lively and descriptive of the ladies, especially with Encar, her Lola."
- Percy Archibal,

"The emotional content rings with a sincerity and depth often lacking from similarly-constructed solo performances. Just like a mural viewed from a distance, the play's integrity lies not in the details, but rather in the vitality of the whole."
- Nicole Gluckstern, SF Bay Guardian

Mid-West Review for Nicole Maxali's "Forgetting the Details"

“A topic like Alzheimer’s and how it affects the family it a hard one to cover. You tend to expect it to be very depressing. However I would never expect to actually laugh on such a subject. Nicole Maxali has created a realistic picture on what happens to the family when the only person who takes care of everyone needs to be taken care of the most. Very heart warming and honest, this show leaves you with a sense of hope.”
- Rachel Reiva, Twin Cities Daily Planet


National Reviews for Nicole Maxali's "Forgetting the Details"

“Maxali’s style is very brave and unique. She has a very talented and fluid way of transitioning from character to another. The play goes by very smoothly and I was impressed on the way she can make you feel happy and full of laughter, but two seconds later made you think deeply about life and your loved ones. Forgetting the Details is captivating and will leave you wanting more. Nicole Maxali’s Forgetting the Details is overall a must-see.”
- Christian Bustos, MyxTV

"Forgetting the Details does an amazing job at exploring the complexity of family relationships within the context of a Filipino American family, while exploring the universal issues of loss and change... While Maxali experiences unexpected loss in her family, she explores the notion of memories and details, and through her father and grandmother, Maxali sees that the bigger picture is what really matters."
- Margot Terc, Post Racial Times

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